Our Services

HVAC Installation & Repair

Whether winter or summer is approaching, there’s nothing worse than having a broken air conditioning or heating system. When you call Plumbing Solutions, you get a premium air conditioning service that handles both AC repair and installation for HVAC systems. Getting your central air system repaired or getting an air conditioning installation put into your home or business office can be the difference between a comfortable summer and an unbearable summer season.

Bathroom Fixtures

Correctly installing bathroom fixtures can be difficult without the necessary equipment, knowledge and training. Whether you’re installing a toilet, faucet or vanities within your home, Plumbing Solutions has all the equipment, knowledge and expertise necessary. Avoid accidentally installing your new bathroom fixtures incorrectly by calling us today. We’ll make sure to do it perfectly so that you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to worry about leaks due to an imperfect installation. 


Leaks can happen to anyone, from homeowners to commercial business owners. Nearly all pipes will break down and have a leak at some point during its lifespan. It’s easy to repair any broken pipes with Plumbing Solutions. Whether your drain, toilet, or sewer pipes are leaking, our team knows how to search for the cause of the leak with experienced detection strategies. We’ll fix the leaks in your home before they can cause any more unwanted damage.

Drain Services

Every now and then, a drain needs through unclogging before it can be used on a regular basis. Our team knows how to use rooter and snake equipment and other drain cleaning techniques (such as hydro jetting) to quickly and thoroughly unclog any type of drain. From a clogged toilet to cleaning a shower drain, our team can help keep your drains and pipes clear. 

 Garbage Disposal Repair

The installation of a garbage disposal is easy with Plumbing Solutions. We can also assist with the unclogging and leaking of any garbage disposal system. When flow and water pressure is low and no longer effective, give us a call and we’ll make sure to repair all issues that we find with your garbage disposal system.

 Natural Gas

Dealing with natural gas in a home or business can be tricky to handle. This is why it’s important to call experts that have experience installing and repairing any systems that use natural gas. Our team at Plumbing Solutions has years of experience working with gas fireplaces and using modern gas leak detection equipment and strategies to locate any gas lines and prevent slab leaks. We always utilize earthquake valves and straps where necessary to prevent danger during a natural disaster.